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SXSW is coming to Las Vegas

(From SXSW's V2V website.)
(From SXSW's V2V website.)


... is exactly what ran through our heads when we saw this thing called SXSW V2V coming to The Cosmopolitan in mid-August 2013. But the indie music mainstay isn't pulling up its Austin, Texas roots — it's expanding. It's another step in The Cosmopolitan's domination of the indie market, coming months after hosting the Sunset Sessions, a sort of mini SXSW Music weekend featuring independent bands at an event where the audience is everyone from radio station programmers to label A&Rs, happening Nov. 8-10.

But this isn't really a music thing. V2V (Visionary to Visionary, or Visionary to Vegas) is really a four-day event with panels, speakers, networking events — essentially, all the things SXSW does for its film, media and music events in Austin, only aimed at start-ups and independent entrepreneurs. The reason it's in Vegas, in part, is the growing community — a fingers-crossed 10,000 yuppies in the next five years — of tech startups accumulating downtown. And to tap and broaden a wider audience beyond the thousands that make the pilgrimage to Austin every spring.

(Caveat: The schedule does say there will be "events" at the conclusion of some of the conference days, but the Cosmopolitan has yet to say what those events might be.)

Speaking of thousands, though the badge price is about the same ($695 plus), the V2V ticket cutoff is 1,500 — almost 20 times less than SXSW Interactive alone. Tickets are already available at