Someone's already suing Firefly for getting sick

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Firefly's bacon-wrapped dates (FILE PHOTO: TODD LUSSIER)

Here’s one for your “Well That Didn’t Take Long” file: The first lawsuit has been filed in the wake of the recent Firefly food-poisoning flap.

Sari F. Utschen claims in a proposed class action negligence lawsuit filed Tuesday in Clark County District Court that Firefly Partners made her and others sick after she ate at the indefinitely shuttered tapas joint on Paradise Road.

“I pray for the day when I see a solid stool,” Utschen told CityLife over the phone Thursday morning. She declined to comment further.

In her lawsuit, she says the restaurant “negligently engages in unsafe and unsanitary storage, and/or handling, and/or preparation, and/or refrigeration, and/or service of food and/or maintenance of facilities and/or other unsafe and unsanitary food practices.”

She wants at least $10,000 in damages for her and others who “sustained injuries to their organs and systems, all or some of which conditions may be permanent and disabling.”

The filing attorney, Justin G. Randall, was out of town and didn’t return a phone call and an e-mail Thursday. A message left on the answering machine at Firefly seeking comment was unreturned.

The Southern Nevada Health District estimates that more than 80 people were affected by a salmonella outbreak at the restaurant, which was closed April 26.

Diners reported diarrhea and vomiting after eating at the restaurant, according to an April 30 report released by the agency, which revealed, among other things, the presence of flies and moths, improperly stored meat and open containers of food susceptible to contamination.