Sand Dollar Lounge to get 'Bar Rescue' treatment

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Sand Dollar Lounge (FILE PHOTO: BILL HUGHES)

Earlier today, trucks (huge ones!) were spotted off Spring Mountain Road. They’re from Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, set to renovate and rehabilitate the living hell out of the visibly long-standing bones of the otherwise venerable blues bar, the Sand Dollar Lounge.

If you’re unfamiliar, Bar Rescue is, more or less, an interior rehab show, specifically for fixing up old/run-down bars, spearheaded by the over-aggressive, straight-out-of-a-Dick-Wolf-script Jon Taffer (here’s a clip of the man at work). According to a source working nearby, waivers were sent out alerting surrounding businesses of the filming and goings-on that began today — which we assume will include the berating of one of the oldest off-Strip spots in town — and is set to continue through the week. Taffer has already been spotted walking around the bar. (Calls to Sand Dollar went unanswered.)

Why we’re nervous: We wouldn’t put it past a Spike TV program to turn it back into The Bikini Bar, briefly a former incarnation of the Sand Dollar. Nor would we expect them to honor a bar older than the network itself. What we could see happen: Sand Dollar gets a better sound system. What we could also see happen: Some biker doesn’t like Tagger’s disposition and cuts him good.