Sand Dollar Blues Lounge to return

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John Earl takes a harmonica solo during a set with The Boogiemen at the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge (file photo by Bill Hughes)

Blues-headed hep cats rejoice: The Sand Dollar Blues Lounge is returning, according to a manager of The Bikini Bar, the short-lived, decidedly-non-blues-themed replacement joint for the longtime dive.

An anonymous source tells us that for reasons she couldn’t divulge, current owners are closing up shop at Polaris Avenue/Spring Mountain Road music venue and, by the end of the year, new management and ownership will resurrect The Sand Dollar. While more intimate details are covered by a non-disclosure agreement, we’ve been told the weekends will be filled with traditional blues, and more modern genre interpretations on the weekdays. 

And while we can’t confirm this, we’re willing to wager the new management will be leaving the bikinis at home.