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Ryan Pardey plays Santa (again) for The Killers

It may be The Killers' song, but Ryan Pardey is the star of the video.

Today, the multiplatinum Vegas band releases "I Feel It In My Bones," its seventh holiday single and the sequel to 2007's "Don't Shoot Me, Santa," which featured in song and video form former Killers tour manager and current Halloween Town principal Pardey as a sociopathic Santa Claus. Pardey gleefully reprises his role on "I Feel It In My Bones," a moody, stripped-down rocker reminscent of the early 1980s and not-so-reminscent of the highly produced songs on its latest Battle Born album. 

"Basically, I'm hunting around the desert and Las Vegas looking to seek out a psychotic revenge on the band for their habitual naughtiness," says Pardey.

The recording of the song and filming of the video proved to be an initial challenge since the band was overseas on tour and Pardey was in Las Vegas. "It was a bit of a strange ordeal, actually," says Pardey. "I had minimal interaction with the band during the recording of the track. They were in England, so I went into The Killers' studio [Battle Born] here and recorded my parts over three sessions, where the band responded with notes in between each trip I made to Battle Born. I guess that's the way it works these days, right?" A similar set-up followed the video shoot, directed by Robert Schober. He shot Pardey's segments mostly in Nelson, Nev., with one scene taking place at downtown dive Dino's.

You can watch the video here -- or at the Dec. 7 viewing party for the video at The Royal House, which includes a Dusty Sunshine performance and the kickstart of a two-week musical instrument drive for needy young musicians. 

Proceeds from the sale of the song at ITunes go toward (RED), an HIV/AIDS charity organization.