New monthly rave to launch at Utopia site

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SHO STOMP local resident DJ Crime (photo taken from artist's Facebook page)

Get out your glowsticks, neonites. Atlanta-originated electronic dance music promoter OFASHO just set up shop in Las Vegas, and its first order of business is the monthly rave SHO STOMP.

"This is the furthest underground you can go on the Strip," says OFASHO founder Blueski Blue, who is throwing the 18+ party at the Boulevard Theater -- an appropriate place, given that it's the same building as Vegas' most renowned and pioneering techno palace, Club Utopia, (also known in the pre-EDM mid-2000s as Empire Ballroom).

Blue says the programming is going to lean dirty on the first party -- dubstep and trapstep, imitating the underground scene in Atlanta, but with a little Vegas contribution from locals DJ Crime, DJ BPSS and DJ Toast. Subsequent events will incorporate more breaks and trance

"I put this together because I got here and saw the underground EDM scene isn't really [in Vegas]," Blue says. "EDC isn't for Vegas, it's just guys coming out here overpricing on tickets. I wanted to bring something Vegas can call their own and have a stronger rave and EDC community. And it's something for the younger crowd, too."

The first edition of the third-Thursday rave is Jan. 17.  Tickets and event information here.