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Local art: Who to look for in 2013

"Prior Convictions," by Matthew Couper
"Prior Convictions," by Matthew Couper

So, what kind of art will we find in 2013? Looking at the tealeaves from 2012 offers up some direction on who to keep our eyes on this year.

Matthew Couper has been flirting with the Las Vegas art community for two years. A work or two will pop up here and there in local exhibits. And there was that one-night smorgasbord of paintings last September that were all shipped out to international exhibits the very next day. Perhaps 2013 will give us a solo Couper show, lasting longer than 24 hours, at a local gallery? 

For the past year, David Sanchez Burr has exhibited video art from all over the globe at his gallery space Multiplexer. This past December he announced the closing of the gallery. Instead, he plans to go mobil eand pop up in unexpected places and situations. The intriguing concept of chance encounters with video art will have us treasure hunting for new genre experiences.

Michael Barrett recently completed the second installment of seven intensely physical performance art pieces transpiring at Trifecta Gallery. Spreading the performances out over 14 months is like being handed a puzzle piece of every couple months. How will they all fit together? After experiencing all seven acts, will there be a sense of completion? Will all the pieces coalesce into a final image?

The plan behind Eri King’s “Orange Assembly” performance art piece was a sweatshop-esque assembly line of cutting, sewing and braiding recycled fabric, which produced a lengthy multi-colored cord. Unplanned was the spontaneous percussion music of the workers, banging tables, clanking bottles, stomping and clapping their hands in between tasks. The word on Facebook is King received a jackpot grant for 2013, so we’ll be looking forward to the planned and serendipitous unfolding of her next textile performance art piece.

There was a sense of conceptual arrival in the bold visual language used by Brent Holmes in his recent exhibit Crass Doesn’t Sell. Settled confidently into a mode of expression, we may find 2013 exploding with creativity from Holmes.

A couple other cool things to watch out for: An exhibit of Andy Warhol’s work is coming to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in February, covering the art icon’s phases of work from the '60s to '80s. And Jana's RedRoom gallery is in the midst of swapping spaces in the Arts Factory, with some exciting renovations planned for the corner entry location.