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Jens Lekman sings about Vegas

Swedish troubadour Jens Lekman has an album coming out Sept. 4, and it has a song about Las Vegas. Well, OK, Las Vegas plays a marginal role in a song about heartbreak and doesn't even get a proper shout-out. But in "Erica America," the second track, Lekman mentions Fremont Street and the New Frontier -- which he saw leveled during his 2007 visit that also included a Nov. 11 show at The Bunkhouse -- and Frank Sinatra. With the exception of Fremont Street, the Vegas references are pretty vague. But it still left me hoping that the official video would include some neon lights and slot machines.


As you can see, the video doesn't exactly scream Vegas, unless that's a Sin City utility closet. But it's still a good song. Let's hope he visits Fremont Street soon in support of this new album.