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A house music 'Community' in downtown

Dark Cube of Detroit Techno Militia
Dark Cube of Detroit Techno Militia

Last night, the southern part of downtown enjoyed something of a roving party. It begun eatly at L'Octaine apartment complex on Las Vegas Boulevard. Then, at 10 p.m., it moved to its publicized host venue, The Lady Silvia, just across the street on the bottom floor of Soho Lofts. It went from being a literal house party to a figurative one, the only constant being a colorful cast of partiers (many of whom live at L'Octaine) and a steady stream of progressive house music. 

What, another house music party, you ask? Don't we have enough of that on the Strip? Not going to rest until the whole city is banging out four-on-the-floor dance music, Prevatt? 

Let's be clear: There's not much overlap between authentic house music, and the "house" music being advertised on billboards up and down the Strip. And there's not much traditional, underground house music being played in Las Vegas, period. However, that's slowly changing, largely thanks to the downtown venues (especially Downtown Cocktail Room and Vanguard Lounge) seeking a more sophisticated, but still upbeat, soundtrack that contrasts the dance-pop bombast (or EDM, as it's been tagged) reigning large in the megaclubs south on the Boulevard. 

And the latest downtown house (music) party is "Community," an apt-named bash that's barely a month old, but already drawing a healthy amount of revelers.

I stopped by last night and, only 45 minutes into the proceedings, there were already small crowds outside The Lady Silvia entrance, surrounding the bar and in front of the DJ booth. The groups often intermingled with each other, and a few of their members were dressed up in costumes and outlandish duds that suggested a rave-themed Halloween party. And the throng near the DJ was dancing, something I don't recall seeing in my previous visits to The Lady Silvia.

DJ Dark Cube (from Detroit Techno Militia) in particular brought some of us more experienced nightlifers back to the days of Club Utopia with his sometimes-tribal, sometimes-tech-flavored house set. The mix of the music's urban, even subterreanean vibe, and the patronage's high spirits was reminiscent of house parties I've attended in other cities, so "Community" is doing something right. 

Last night's version -- also featuring DJs Jeremiah Green, Steve Walker and Dani Lehman -- is party's transition from a bi-weekly to weekly event, says promoter Steve Christmas. It seems feedback from the earlier editions has encouraged both promoter and venue to increase the frequency of "Community." "It's starting to work with the tourists from France, Wales and New York City finding us online and loving their experience in town with us, which is awesome," says Christmas.

This Sunday's party conductors will include Green, Christmas and a "surprise guest" that Christmas can only say hails from the Sketchbook Records crew because of a contract obligation. Househeads will either know the DJ ... or know it will be worth the visit.