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CityLife's Sarah Jane Woodall as Bride of Photobomb
Scaring the TEA Party... A certain sex and gender expert as Texas' Wendy Davis
I got you babe! Sonny and Cher, together again!
Hammer & Cycles
Ride like an Egyptian!
Soul Train!
Zombies have infected the Canyon Springs High School Leadership and Law Prep School band
Claire Sinclair of Playboy and Pin Up fame had her own float
A fish-drawn carriage
Scary Unions! Screen Actors Guild on parade
A real fire-breathing dragon heated up the festivities
Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada floated by...
A nightmare before Christmas!
High-powered motorists electrified the crowds...
Glynda the Good Witch of Fremont Street East
It is Vegas...
Who is that clown?
There were at least two Charlie Browns.
There were two very large boxes of walking, talking Franzia box wines.
There was a suspiciously sober-looking Keith Richards.
Mariachi performers who had lost their guitars, a couple of escapees from the "Las Vegas County Jail," a human pinata, Captain America and Spiderman, more pirates than you can count, zombies a-plenty, several dangerous-looking doctors, and from Norway, Batgirl and Sponge-Bob Square Pants showed up on Fremont Street. Popeye, Sonny and Cher, a number of goth women, some Blues Brothers, devils, a pair of garden gnomes, and one woman with a squid afixed to her head were among the throngs.
One blonde bombshell attended as Texas legislator and reproductive-rights filibuster-er Wendy Davis, complete with appropriate political signage.

All for the Fourth Annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade, this year moved from Fourth Street to eight blocks of Fremont Street. Ground zero for the event was the bandstand at Fremont and Ninth Street, where Zappos boss Tony Hsieh, Las Vegas tuba-playing artist Ginger Bruner, downtown businessman Michael Cornthwaite, Stitch Factory's Meghan Boyd and CityLife columnist Sarah Jane Woodall judged a seemingly endless parade of costumed ... well, costumed somethings-or-others of all shapes, sizes and plumage.
More than two dozen floats, accompanied by many more creatures of the night on foot, participated in the parade.  The costume and float winner are: 

Most outrageous "Dr. Gooey Award": Tampon Twin Pack-Kerry Laney/Terry Simmons 

Best Illuminated: Tinkerbell-Rich Simak 

Most Creative Stitch Factory award: Melting Witch-Jennifer Neri 

Best Kids Costume: Robot Family-Zoe Mcanulty 

Best Group costume: Mummys and mummy babies-Lynn Banas, Pamala Jenkins and 3 kids 

Best Float: Dancetronauts