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The Downtown Project buys The Bunkhouse

Zach Ryan and the Rouge perform at The Bunkhouse (FILE PHOTO: STEPHANIE GONZALES)
Zach Ryan and the Rouge perform at The Bunkhouse (FILE PHOTO: STEPHANIE GONZALES)

The rumors are true: The .33-acres of land on which The Bunkhouse Saloon sits has been sold to The Downtown Project.

The beloved off-Fremont dive at 124 S. 11th St. is located in — and we aren't trying to be funny — the buttock of "The Llama," the loose shape of properties The Downtown Project has scooped up, as reported today by the Las Vegas Sun. (For reference and magnitude, the former City Hall — the new headquarters of Zappos, whose CEO, Tony Hsieh, is also one of The Downtown Project's principals   is the head of the animal, at 400 Stewart Ave.)

Back in January, the western-themed bar/eatery sold for $1,400,000, among other properties held by Charlie and Keith Fox, the longtime owners of The Bunkhouse.

"I've been working downtown for over 10 years and felt that the businesses that I operate have been developed as far as I had the capabilities to develop, and passed them on to a company that had the resources to take them to the next level," owner Charlie Fox says. "Both myself and the staff at The Bunkhouse have been working downtown before it was trendy and have contributed to and have been at the spearhead of the cultural resurgence of downtown and Fremont Street."

The Bunkhouse remains one of the more popular downtown venues for local and touring music acts. During Neon Reverb and other special events, it also operates a back-patio stage. 

The buy is part of the $93 million land grab the Tony Hsieh-spearheaded Downtown Project instigated upon its inception to create a more cohesive, walkable and amenity-rich downtown. As of press time, The Downtown Project has not returned calls for comment.