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Dirk Vermin's 'Bad Ink' coming to TV in August

Dirk Vermin, left, and Rob Ruckus (COURTESY: A&E)
Dirk Vermin, left, and Rob Ruckus (COURTESY: A&E)

It's official: Dirk Vermin and Rob Ruckus are going to be television stars. 

The premiere for Bad Ink — the show centered on Vermin, the Pussykat Tattoo Parlor proprietor/artist and frontman of veteran punk act The Vermin, and his BFF and bass-playing "band whore" Ruckus (also in The Vermin) — is slated for 10 p.m. on Aug. 11, which will include two half-hour episodes. The show will call the A&E network (ch. 32 on Cox) home.

While plans for the show were hardly a secret — there have been multiple, early-evening tapings of live Vermin shows at the Double Down Saloon — Dirk and company have largely kept things under wraps for the past year. 

The premise allows Vermin and Ruckus to prey on individuals with shitty tattoos, a distinct phenomenon in the City of Hasty and Terrible Decisions. After the bad-ink owners either get spotted by or solicit the services of the duo, Vermin decides whether he'll "work his magic and transform the cringe-worthy eyesores into noteworthy masterpieces," as mentioned in the press release. It will be worth the price of your monthly TiVo fee to see if Dirk will be able to reverse the awfulness of a terrible Jesus tattoo, or get anywhere near a tramp stamp — or if he and Ruckus can find less profane ways to express themselves.

The announcement emphasizes the "comical" nature of Vermin and Ruckus, who have sharpened their razor-tongued wit over the years with Don Rickles- and Rat Pack-inspired banter during Vermin performances. Now, the rest of America can enjoy watching both willing and unsuspecting marks face the same (if censored) barrage of insults local audiences members have simultaneously dreaded and enjoyed since 1994.

For more info, visit the show's Facebook page. And here's a teaser video.