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Dear Esquire: Leave the Nevada playlist to us

It's hard to say which we find more eyeroll-worthy: Esquire's utterly predictable pick of "Viva Las Vegas" (OK, one point for picking The Dead Kennedys' version) for the Nevada selection of its Best Songs of the 50 States playlist, or its runner up: Billy Joel's "Stop in Nevada." Yes: Billy Fucking Joel, the man who inspired every wretched dueling piano bar in town.

So we clearly weren't consulted. But had we been able to weigh in, our shortlist for the Battle Born State designation might've looked like this:

"Heaven or Las Vegas," by Cocteau Twins

"Sin City," Flying Burrito Brothers

"Sands of Nevada," Mark Knopfler 

"Your Love is Like Las Vegas," The Thrills

"Sin City," AC/DC

"All the Way to Reno," R.E.M. 

"Straight to the Top (Vegas)," Tom Waits

"Vegas," Nico

"Nevada," Duke Ellington

"40 Miles to Vegas," Southern Culture on the Skids

"Reno," Bruce Springsteen

"Ooh Las Vegas," Gram Parsons

"Big in Vegas," Buck Owens

"Heaven or Las Vegas," The Weeknd

"Reno," Jonathan Richman 

"Queen of Las Vegas," The B52s

"Vegas Two Times," Stereophonics

"Home Means Nevada," The Killers (cover of the state song)

And while these songs aren't specifically about Nevada or any of its towns, they are honorary Nevada anthems for reasons that should be pretty obvious:

"Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash

"Luck Be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra

"Do It Again" by Steely Dan