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Curl Up and Die returns

Curl Up and Die, performing live in 2002 (CREDIT: BILL HUGHES)
Curl Up and Die, performing live in 2002 (CREDIT: BILL HUGHES)

Curl Up and Die, one of our local hero bands from the Music Issue and the champion of hardcore bands across the valley, recently announced a return to the limelight. Sort of.

The band, which formed in 1998 and released two records on indie label Revelation Records before disbanding in 2005, has no plans to be the full-time touring, make-it-or-break-it Curl Up and Die. In fact, they won’t even live in the same city. Bassist Geoff Bergman and guitarists Matt Fuchs and Ryan Hartery are still local, but singer Mike Minnick is living in Chicago, flying home for rehearsals and concerts as needed. Even Fuchs' interest in just playing festivals is a loose concept right now. "We wanna be a full-time band without being a full-time touring band," he says.

The return came about while Minnick was at a Thrice concert in Chicago, and ended up singing with the band, something he used to do during CUAD’s heyday while manning Thrice's merch booth. “I dunno what happened but I got super excited and jumped in the crowd,” Minnick says, going into further detail about an injured arm and scarred leg from the pit. “It was maybe a minute but it all came rushing back to me, how much I loved doing that.”

Right now, the plan is to revisit all those old, heavy, complicated riffs from the old records, teach them to new drummer Micah Malcolm of The Blue Man Group and start planning local shows by Halloween  -- though nothing is set in stone yet. “We want it to be small and all ages,” Bergman says. “Mike likes to be in there and bleed.”