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The Center had a few hundred of its best friends over for dinner Monday night.

The Center, which serves the LGBT community of Nevada and provides a bono fide community center, library and high-end coffee shop for the near-downtown area, every year holds a Thanksgiving meal specifically inviting LGBT youth. Last year and for years before, The Center fed young people at the organization's Commercial Center location. The Center moved into its squeaky-clean and new building near Maryland and Charleston earlier this year.

This year, more than 240 young people attended the meal, up about 50 from previous years. More than 125 volunteers helped serve the turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and, of course, the traditional pizza with pepperoni (hey, we are talking about a meal for teenagers). Thirteen turkeys basted in glory for the event. Dozens of other sides were brought and, according to Center staff, "fully consumed."

It was a great meal for many, a chance to see some old friends and make new ones, and a milestone for The Center. 

"I was moved by the tremendous community outpouring for this year’s QVolution Youth Thanksgiving, which was our first at the new Center," said Cameron Catton, Youth Services Manager.  "Not only did we increase youth attendance this year, but we had 126 adult volunteers who donated food, time and love for our local youth.  I speak for everyone at The Center when I say we are truly thankful for all of the support we’ve received at this year’s event."
Las Vegas Councilman Bob Coffin was among those who came and supported the Very Large Meal. 
"Can you feel the energy in this place?" he asked. Yup, 'spose you could.