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Caravels to record first full-length album

After five years as a band, the Caravels are heading into The Palms Studio to record their first full-length album, to be released in March (or close to it). "Overdue is a good way to put it," says singer Mike Roeslein. "We've kind of figured there was nowhere else to go but a full-length. We didn't want to tackle it until we knew we could handle it. We wanted to map it out and not just throw some songs together, and now we're capable of doing that."

Being released under the Topshelf Records label, Roeslein says they're planning to record nine new songs, ditching the track-by-track recording method and taking the live route, meaning all instruments play at the same time — the way they recorded The Earthling Sessions in 2009. "Recording track by track sacrifices the preciseness of having the band playing all together," he says. "We want to maintain the full-band sound, the intangible vibe that you get from instruments being locked together."

And in a weird Vegas-appropriate twist: "We're recording after hours for a reduced price," Roeslein says. "It's gonna be like a graveyard-shift recording. ... I've heard it's going to be 11 p.m. to 7 a.m."

Though the record won't come out until 2013, Roeslein's already considering the supporting tour. "We're thinking eight weeks, probably trying to do Canada before touring down to SXSW."

Tonight marks the first recording session. This is on the short list of things we're looking forward to in 2013.