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Book launch as freak show: P Moss unveils 'Vegas Knockout'

P Moss reads an excerpt from Jenn O Cide's bosom (photo shamelessly stolen from
P Moss reads an excerpt from Jenn O Cide's bosom (photo shamelessly stolen from

You never quite know what you're going to get when visiting the Double Down Saloon -- even when it's advertised. 

Last night was the book launch for Double Down owner and CityLife Books author P Moss' second effort, Vegas Knockout. The punk, downtown and literary cognesceti converged at the Fruit Loop dive, mostly there to watch Attack Ships on Fire perform the book's soundtrack, get Moss' John Hancock on their own copies of his boxing-themed, stories-as-a-novel work, as well as hear him read from it. And he did, in a way befitting both author and setting: from pages stapled to the evening's emcee and renowned local performance artist, Jenn O Cide. And when we say stapled to Jenn O Cide, we mean stapled to her bare arms, forehead and bosom. "Oh, tits!" said Moss, upon reaching the second page of the excerpt from which he read.  

Watching a little person apply the pages to Miss Cide wasn't the most grimacing moment of the night, however. Another little person, a burlesque dancer named Firefly, might've stolen the whole show by showing off her, um, impressive skills. To kick off the proceedings, she stripped down to her ta-tas and danced barefoot atop of a pile of broken glass. And then slid across it, like a runner sprinting for home plate. And then landed a splits directly onto the pieces themselves (to cries of "TWAT!" from the crowd). 

The dancer somehow emerged smiling, free from the blood and scratches any regular person would have produced from such a feat of insane derring-do. Firefly would later happily exploit herself further by completely deep-throating a three-foot-long balloon, and hoisting herself atop the towering Jenn O Cide in a nod to Max Max Beyond Thunderdome, a la Master Blaster, as DJ Rex Dart blasted Aunt Entity/Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero." 

Welcome to literary Thunderdome, Las Vegas.